A business-oriented social networking platform, used by traveling individuals to set up face-to-face meetings around the world.
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It's all about hotels, people and real connections

IMGuest offers a new disruptive technology dedicated to the hospitality industry

Our platform works as an innovative social arena, used by worldwide travelers to connect and create new opportunities by checking into hotels.

IMGuest is recognized as the first and only Hotel Social Network worldwide.

Our mission is to push the conservative hospitality industry into the cool internet social media world. We extract the potential of your hotel by using the social media power to increase occupancy and market share and providing tools to maximize your hotel’s services.

As a hotel manager you can upgrade your hotel by transforming it into a business social arena, providing an attractive social service to your guests.

Our platform will help your guests to interact with one another in order to make their hospitality unique and productive during their stay.

Engage and reward your guests using real time messaging system

Our platform is remarkably friendly. As a hotel manager, you can finally enjoy the benefits of being connected with your guests in real-time by inviting them to the hotel’s bar, restaurant and more. Maintaining guest loyalty and maximizing revenue has never been so easy! Filter guests according to criteria and send personalized messages.


Interactive message board

An interactive message section will allow you to award your guests with benefits and offer them interesting activities in your hotel, such as jazz night, spa, conferences and more.

By making the stay of your hotel guests more enjoyable, there is a better chance they will come back in the future.

We believe these services will help you to develop more attractive ongoing relationships with your guests.

Amplify your guests experience

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IMGuest is the social gateway between hotels and their guests.

Key benefits:

• A unique social platform for your hotel guests.

• Analytics - IMGuest allows you to get a customized social   reports.

• Each guest will be able to follow your hotel even when he is not   checked-In in order to receive specials and updates.

• Ability to engage and reward guests with special offers, discounts   and more in real-time by sending out filtered messages to your   current guests and followers.

• Viral lift – Social marketing over the web.

• IMGuest allows you to receive anonymous guests reviews.

Extract more revenue

Reveneu screens

IMGuest helps you to utilize and monetize your hotel services by creating a cool and direct social channel (Web, Email and Mobile) with your guests, allowing them to take the advantage of your hotel facilities.

You can offer your guests a variety of special offers and benefits in a much more efficient way, making their stay much more enjoyable. These offers will keep them inside your hotel.

With IMGuest your guests can make a lot of engagements at your hotel like business and social meetings, thus using your hotel services. This allows you to maximize your hotel potential.

High resolution brochure - Many hotels are promoting the platform by printing and posting the brochure on their front desks, lobby, inside guest’s rooms, entrance to conferences hall and other strategic places. Click here to download it for free.

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It’s time to socialize your hotel!

Basically the whole platform is free for guests. You can try it yourself by signing up on IMGuest’s homepage.

Whether you manage a large chain, stand alone hotels or anywhere in between, the premium service allows you to manage your hotels in a friendly and efficient way. It’s time to socialize your hotel! Extract more revenue and make your guests much more enjoyable and productive.

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