How To Make Rocket Boots

How will future space suits differ from the current ones? Well, for one thing, the boots will be made for walking. Astronauts who wear space suits for extra-vehicular activities (EVAs) don't walk. […]

How To Make Flubber Slime

I’d love to make this flubber and hide buttons and small objects in it so she can manipulate the flubber by herself. Do you think a small child would need to exert some strength to stretch the flubber? I can’t tell how soft the flubber is just by looking at the pictures, so any opinions would be helpful. […]

Final Cut Pro How To Make Still Frame

One-step freeze frame creates a still frame and adds it to the timeline Integration with Motion for advanced motion graphics work Use “Open in Motion” on any effect, modify in Motion and save as new in Final Cut Pro […]

How To Make A Small Deck

Making a gate for your deck is a straightforward project, but you must follow certain code requirements designed for the safety of people using the deck -- especially children. A code-compliant design that works for most decks incorporates vertical balusters attached to a top and bottom rail. This is an easy design to execute with either new lumber or material left over from construction of […]

How To Make Samba Costumes

All of our belly dance costumes are design and manufactured by Neckelmanns Beaded Dance and Belly Dance costumes as well as our samba costumes, carnival costumes, passista costumes, bellydancer dresses, carnival sets, vegas burlesque, beaded bustier and feather pieces. […]

How To Make Gringots On Minecraft

Minecraft Projects Minecraft Stuff Afraid Of The Dark Minecraft Earth Spawn Cool Things To Make Dr. Who Forests Lanterns. The Man who was Afraid of the Dark [KissMyCube Server Creative Spawn] Minecraft Project . Alex G. Minecraft. Minecraft Creations Minecraft Houses Minecraft Ideas Rpg Pretend Play. RPG Home. Grace Leister. Mine craft. Minecraft Wooden House Minecraft Castle … […]

How To Meet Jackey Chen

Jackie Chan is one of the most popular celebrities from Hong Kong. He is known for his incredible real-life stunts. Most of his movies are blockbusters and fans are very fond of his signature Jackie Chan […]

How To Make A Grave Pillow

Beautiful grave, garden, or planter decoration, and if looking for a unique symbol of your undying love this tribute sign is a perfect way to stand out. Love You Forever. Love You Forever. Heart on Heart - Cemetery Decoration Grave Ornament Memorial […]

How To Make Your Car More Aerodynamic

10/12/2018 Car aerodynamics is used to make passenger vehicles safer and more fuel efficient, but it is primarily used in race car design where high speeds create an even greater need for specialized designs. In many, if not most, of the passenger vehicles that people see on the road, aerodynamics plays a comparatively minor role in the overall design of the vehicle. Aside from making a car as […]

How To Make A Mini Marimba

Plans to Make or Build a Two octave Mini Marimba - Making Marimbas Blueprints. martin molina. Tattoo ideas. See more What others are saying "Making Marimbas - Easily Make a Two Octave DIY Marimba at Home using this step by step building guide" Instrument Percussion Band Problems Acoustic Music Music Humor Music Instruments Drums My Music Musicals Violin. Marimba/xylophone etc: just […]

How To Make A Cuban Frita

Better deep fry, Forget the lime, had a dinner party tonight and did Yucca frita (yucca fries) and Yucca Cuban style. The Cuban style was gone in a blink of the eye. but not this, b... The Cuban […]

How To Make Icons For Instagram

To share an Instagram profile, visit the profile page, tap on the three-dot icon on the top-right hand side of the page and choose ‘Share this Profile‘ menu item. Instagram Send To for sharing Profile […]

How To Make Your Own Lipstick Out Of Crayons

Recently, has released a writing of top 12 ways how to make homemade lipstick with natural ingredients such as crayons and vaseline. Keep reading the article and find out more information. Keep reading the article and find out more information. […]

How To Make A Cattle Halter

Once the time has passed, make sure to give her one last pat on the nose, and take the halter off. Remember, do this for the first three or so times you work with her. Remember, do this for the first three or so times you work with her. […]

How To Make Sweet Short Pastry

Puff pastry takes a little bit of work, but it is a very versatile pastry that can be used in sweet and savory applications. Use LoveToKnow's puff pastry recipe instructions to make your own, or you can purchase pre-made puff pastry from the freezer section […]

How To Make Easy Cookies With Few Ingredients

You can make a big batch of cookies and enjoy them for a few days with your favorite plant milk, juice or smoothie. We have some cookie recipes on the blog and oatmeal cookies are our favorite ones because they require just a few ingredients, are super healthy and everybody can make them because the recipes are sooo simple. […]

How To Make Buckwheat Pancakes

4/09/2018 · I have however have a few tips on how to make buckwheat pancakes taste lighter and tastier. Use light buckwheat flour, which is made by grinding the buckwheat groats without the husk. […]

How To Make Snake Puppet With Paper

How To Make A Pirate Finger Puppet Free Printable Kidspot is part of Puppet template galleries. puppet template, puppet template variable, puppet template if, puppet template if else, puppet template function, puppet template file, puppet template loop, puppet template facts, puppet template epp, puppet template hostname […]

How To Make Gaskets From Gasket Material

10/03/2008 · makeing your own gaskets can be very handy ever tried to by a oil feed gasket for a ct26 and i dont like liquid gasket can often fail and get caught in places it's not ment to be. can always buy any gasket material water/oil gasket paper is handy to leave it in the shed and is cheep as in roll form is like $10 for a roll 1m x 30cm x thickness […]

How To Make A Ring Light

2. Making a Round Printed Circuit Board for a Ring Light (article continued from previous page) The purpose of a ring light is to provide adequate lighting from all … […]

How To Pass A Ua For Weed

23/09/2016 · Saliva Marijuana Drug Test and How to Pass it Saliva drug test is by far the easiest to conduct and it provides results in the shortest amount of time. This has made it popular as a quick test during an employment interview or a random workplace test. […]

How To Play Minecraft Together On A Tablet

Yes, you can. To play from a shortcut or app, you need to download the iOS .zip file from the Download page, unzip it, and run the App file.* *note: this only works for B … eta. […]

How To Make Pickled Onions For Tacos

We replaced beef with seasoned chicken for a fresh take on carne asada, a traditional Mexican dish. Pickled onions, diced avocado, and crumbled Cotija cheese make delicious toppings for these homemade tacos. […]

How To Make Molang Illustrator

Cute Backgrounds, Cute Wallpapers, Bare Bears, Molang, Cute Drawings, Totoro, Iphone Wallpaper, Snsd, Illustrator. You can't fly Without knowing how to fall. Wallpapers. Pack de fondos de pantalla! Pack de fondos de pantalla! Diana Rosendo. Wallpapers Blippo Kawaii Shop Simple Wallpapers Iphone 7 Wallpapers Kawaii Bunny Kawaii Cute Kawaii Chibi Kawaii Stuff Friends Wallpaper Kawaii Wallpaper […]

How To Make An Electric Pottery Wheel

How to Build a Pottery Wheel What You'll Need. 2X4 wood, 3-feet long 1X2 wood 12-inch plywood square Front wheel assembly Nuts and bolts Electric motor Drill Heavy industrial plug Plaster What You'll Need. 2X4 wood, 3-feet long 1X2 wood 12-inch plywood square Front wheel assembly Nuts and bolts Electric motor Drill Heavy industrial plug Plaster A good quality pottery wheel is needed to make […]

How To Make A Mini Guitar

I love guitars. I'm not just fond of them or have a strong liking for them. I absolutely love them. A never-to-be-satisfied life long love. Were I able to afford it, I would have a museum filled with all the different models and styles. […]

How To Put Audio Over A Video

The ability to supplement a presentation with voice-over or other audio is one such function. Adding your voice to PowerPoint slides is a pretty easy process, and it can turn a presentation from a plain set of slides into a self-contained instructional asset that stands alone and can be […]

How To Open A Door In Hello Neighbor

When you start Hello Neighbor, To open your neighbors house, simply tap E and the door will open. The music playing in the background will give you the impression its not a good idea to sneak into your neighbors house, but youre going to enter, anyway. Youll have to be quiet though, as you dont want to let your neighbor know that youre sneaking around in his house. How […]

How To Provide Feedback On Customer Service

When you work in a customer-oriented business, it’s important to get feedback from people who reach out to your customer service team. We partnered with Zendesk to create our expert-certified customer service survey template to assess and improve customer satisfaction. […]

How To Make Love To A Man You Love

Leaving a man you’ve loved for years isn’t just a physical move out of the house…it’s a painful emotional break. These tips on how to leave a man you love but can’t live with will help you … […]

How To Make Petticoat For Ball Gown

One way to make a ball gown skirt is to look at commercial patterns and select a skirt you like. However, you can also make a beautiful skirt without a pattern, by making a floor-length circle skirt. A circle skirt has plenty of sweep and movement and can be paired with an elegant camisole for the look of a ball gown with very little effort. […]

How To Open Tcx File

Hello Glen, there isn't a way to open up a .tcx file easily. It is the normal file you use to upload to places like Strava, Garmin Connect or Training Peaks. […]

How To Install Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1

Tagged: Visual Studio 2010, Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1, Visual Studio 2010 Shell This topic contains 0 replies, has 1 voice, and was last updated by Webmaster 3 years, 2 months ago . Author […]

How To Play Solitaire Wikihow

11/09/2017 Clock patience solitaire android apps on google playgrandfather's clock play instantly! solitaire! network. Difficulty 1 5 how to play clock patience. Clock patience solitaire on the app store […]

How To Make A Backdrop For Pictures

25/02/2016 · I do not have fancy equipment for taking eBay pictures, and I currently shoot all photos on my phone camera. For a super quick and dirt cheap "wood" backdrop (+ lightweight and easy to store!), I […]

How To Make Gulab Jamun At Home With Milk Powder

Learn how to make perfect Gulab Jamun Recipe with our step by step image instructions along with tips and notes. milk powder, mashed sweet potato and even by using bread. Each has its own unique flavor, our version of the recipe is made with a ready mix as it simple and can be made in no time. Many of us face problems in making right sugar syrup, I made it thin as gulab jamuns can absorb […]

Steins Gate 0 Reddit How To Play

Watch Watch Steins;Gate 0 English Subbed in HD on Steins Gate Zero,シュタインズ・ゲート ゼロ English Subbed online for free in high quality.... […]

How To Make A Video With Lyrics And Music

You make so hi by Gastek No lyrics text found for this track. The lyrics can frequently be found here (check the full description and comments) or by filtering for lyric videos. […]

How To Make Fish Stock With Whole Fish

Buy a whole fish and ask him or her to clean and fillet the fish but save the fish bones and head for your stock. They will be happy to do this for you. They will be happy to do this for you. If you are tight with your local fishmonger, ask them to save some bones or fish […]

How To Make Your Own Background Episode Interactive

Return to top . Background objects are the simple scenery of levels. Sceneries have only two types which are, static and animated. BGO images are similar to Blocks, but have one difference: If you're going to use your episode with SMBX, the images must have the … […]

How To Make A Hallmark Stamp

A hallmark is a symbol stamped onto precious metals to let jewelers and customers know that the piece is genuine. You can find these stamps on silver flatware, candlesticks, tea sets and jewelry. […]

How To Make A Peanut Butter Cake From Scratch

Chef's Note Wonderfully delicious peanut butter cake best with chocolate frosting, If you make with Reese's Peanut Butter and a milk chocolate frosting, it's very much like a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. […]

How To Structure A Commission Based Pay

Target pay is where a commission is calculated and paid to the salesperson. The level of remuneration is typically based on preset target levels, thresholds and other influencing levers. The level of remuneration is typically based on preset target levels, thresholds and other influencing levers. […]

How To Play Guitar With A Capo Chords

Guitar chords a collection of chords and tips Guitar chord is the site for you who want to learn your first guitar chords or wish to discover new ones. You will furthermore find the theory of the chords and put in context with chord progressions and songs so you in […]

How To Be A Successful Fugitive On The Run

Dubbed ’Fast Eddie’ by the press, he fled to the US, where he lived on the run as Britain’s most wanted man for 20 years. Now 61, he explains how he evaded the authorities for so long. Now 61, he explains how he evaded the authorities for so long. […]

How To Make Halloumi Cheese Without Rennet

All you need to make it is milk, rennet and a cake tin. The long recipe takes about 2 hours with an additional 4 hours of pressing, so try this quick version and compare the results. […]

How To Make Origami Paper Flower Vase

How to make beautiful paper flower vase, Easy to make, and can turn your home more beautiful. If you liked it, please subscribe :) SUBSCRIBE: Material required -color paper -pencil -scissors -glue How to Make Flower With Paper : Paper Flower & Leaf Using Bond Paper: Angevin - Thatched Villagers by Kevin MacLeod is […]

How To Make Tulip Flower

Maestra!!!usted cada dia me sorprende con sus maravillosos videos !!! Hermoso ,es un placer mirar sus trabajos ,la felicito y le doy las gracias por compartir ,saludos desde Chile ???? […]

How To Make A Paddlepop Xmas Tree

This simple Paddlepop Tree Ornament is a gorgeous addition to any tree. Learn how to make it here . Make a wish and put it in this Christmas Wish List Message in a Bottle Ornament ! […]

How To Make An Egg Pinata

Bringing a vibrant and engaging gaming experience to the Windows platform, Viva Pinata appeals to kids, adults, casua... Kinectimals When you meet your Kinectimals cub for the first time, something magical happens. […]

How To Make A Phone App With Python

Python 3 For Windows Phone is a Windows Phone 8 app that provides an interactive Python shell. You can run scripts either interactively, by typing them into the bottom window, or run a script from SkyDrive. […]

How To Make Xa Cigarette

With a few simple tools, you can easily make an impromptu cigarette lighter. Unplug the battery. For a 9-volt battery, unplug the black snaps from the "crowns" at the top. […]

How To Make Cpvc Solvent Cement

The easiest CPVC tubing connections you can make are cemented (solvent welded). Be sure to remove the burrs and lightly chamfer the end of the tubing. Keep in mind that a crooked cut will have less surface area to cement and a greater chance to leak. The cement-on tees, elbows and couplings are considerably cheaper and simpler to use than the mechanical fittings, and because of their small […]

How To Make A Fake App

Without further due actually I’m going to teach you that how you can use Fake WhatsApp Account using A fake number. I’m sure you will love the concept of … […]

How To Make Salt Water Taffy

Stir in corn syrup, water, salt and margarine. Place over medium heat and stir until sugar dissolves. Cover pan and bring to a boil for 2 or 3 minutes. Uncover, place thermometer in pan and cook to 246F. The lower temperature will result in a chewier taffy, the higher a more brittle texture. Remove from heat and add food color and flavoring. Stir gently, pour onto lightly greased marble slab […]

How To Prepare Beets For Baby

I find larger beet skins to be a bit bitter as opposed to baby beets having a more tender, sweet skin. Taste before peeling to see what you prefer. Taste before peeling to see what you prefer. The beets can now be sliced into any size and used in salads, dips, pickling, sandwiches etc. […]

How To Prepare Purple Sea Moss

Alibaba offers 1,202 Sea Moss Suppliers, and Sea Moss Manufacturers, Distributors, Factories, Companies. There are 269 OEM, 157 ODM, 15 Self Patent. Find high quality Sea Moss Suppliers on Alibaba. There are 269 OEM, 157 ODM, 15 Self Patent. […]

How To Play Iphone Games On Pc

1.iPhone emulator for PC There is a growing demand for iPhone emulators for pc so that it creates an environment to run the iOS applications on PC. It is popular because it lets you use all the games and applications originally designed for iPhone to be accessible over PC. […]

How To Move A Fishnet In Arcgis

This topic applies to ArcGIS for Desktop Standard and ArcGIS for Desktop Advanced only. You can resize the geometry of feature representations by stretching them interactively or … […]

How To Get Your Dog To Play With You

When you first begin, your dog will likely be nervous when he sees the other dog and he may only turn toward you for a moment, to get his treat, before looking back at the other dog. Treat frequently in the beginning, until your dog learns to relax. […]

How To Put In Ben Wa Balls

Ben Wa balls have a varied history; their origin and method of construction varies depending upon location. Most information concerning Ben Wa balls is vague and probably apocryphal. Originally they were made of a single ball placed in the vagina, […]

How To Make A Fake Virus Shutdown

21/02/2012 This isnt really a virus its simply a shutdown program which will make your friends freak out. First, you will need to create a shortcut. You can create a shortcut by right-clicking on your desktop and selecting New, and then, Shortcut. […]

How To Make Website Pdf

e-commerce web site, from picking the right tools and services you’ll need to create your web pages, to selecting the best hosting provider and payment solution to fit your business, to figuring out the best security for your site. […]

How To Put Text Across Picture In Word

7/03/2007 · This tip actually works in any word processor, but is often overlooked. For you "advanced" users, the end of the tip has something you might not know... […]

How To Make A Picnic Basket Liner

The basket shown throughout these directions was originally from a toiletry gift set. Once I made the liner I was not happy with the basket so I removed the handles and … […]

How To Make Pillowcase Dress Without Pattern

(Of course, you can still sew the pillowcase dress using this tutorial- Ill point out any changes you would need to make at each step) If you do sew, you might like my Polished Pillowcase dress tutorial or the Tiered Pillowcase Dress Tutorial . […]

How To Make My Gf Cum

17/05/2007 My Girlfriend can't make me cum... And before she was able to make me cum when we would fool around. But lately, its like when she gives me head, i dont feel any satisfaction from it, like the super awesome feeling of a girl going down on me isn't there. its just like not as good feeling as it used to be. and i can still make myself cum but that is not an option. […]

How To Make Squiggly Lines On Desmos

These squiggly lines. (Thanks, Wikipedia) (Thanks, Wikipedia) Anyway, that's the Taylor Polynomial, and it is used to approximate sine, cosine, tangent, e, and other "weird" math. […]

How To Prepare For Iit Jee In One Year

I am the one who prepared for JEE without coaching & at that time there was only one exam for JEE entrance. I worked hard & studied overnights. I was entirely cut off from social life & Appeared in the exam with confidence but I could not crack the exam. Somehow, I still wanted to be in IITs so I appeared in IIT JAM exams after bachelor degree in science. This time I cracked the exam […]

How To Make Kaliah Skyrim

DIY - How to make cake pops, just like the ones sold at Starbucks, only, I suspect, cheaper. Ručne Vyrobené Darčeky Dary Produktivita Veselé Vianoce Levanduľa Domáca Kozmetika Bricolage Vlastnoručne Vyrobené Darčeky Organická Krása […]

How To Make Guava Leaf Tea For Diabetics

The Health Benefits of Guava Leaf Tea LIVESTRONG.COMDried guava leaves, either loose or in teabags, and guava leaf tincture are available at health-food stores, or you might find fresh guava leaves at a specialty food store. You can make guava leaf tea by steeping leaves in hot water for five or 10 minutes, or you can add about 2 teaspoons of tincture to hot water.. Guava Leaf Tea Benefits […]

How To Make A Profile Video Facebook

Live video streaming is a fun, engaging way to connect with your followers and grow your audience. Start live streaming today with Facebook Live. Start live streaming today with Facebook Live. To personalize content, tailor and measure ads and provide a safer experience, we use cookies. […]

How To Move On From A Hurtful Relationship

While you’re mourning your relationship, turn to prayer to move on after a break up. You’ll discover a newfound view on relationships; moreover, you’ll discover a closer bond with your […]

How To Make Something Interactable In Arma 3 Like Apex

Altis life, the next generation of roleplaying in the Arma series. Altis life was created from the overwhelming popular reception of Takistan Life, and the less, but still popular Island Life in Arma 2. Altis life is an open world game, setting place on a massive island, clocking in at 270 km […]

How To Make The Text Box Smaller In Csgo

29/06/2009 · In the 'Prefernces' for Acrobat, you can set the default font and font size. If you need to make a one time change, create you comment in MS Word with the font, size, and other formatting you want to use, and then cut and paste the text into the text box. […]

How To Make A Hermit Crab Habitat

Hermit crabs make popular pets, but you should never ever take one from the wild. They should remain in its natural habitat to form an important part of the marine food chain and, if removed, are likely to die within days in any case. […]

How To Make A Cash Flow Forecast

Predicting future cash flow plays a critical role in maintaining the companys health, and yet many small businesses have no satisfactory forecasting mechanism in place. […]

How To Play Duo Fortnite

How to play Fortnite Top tips and tricks guide for beginners as Season 6 goes live Save duo and squad give you partners to work with, and they can make or break your success. You can form […]

How To Put Watch Espn On Apple Tv

XBMC . If you have read any of my other pieces, you already know that I am an XBMC fan-boy. XBMC is the best thing to happen to the Apple TV for many reasons, the least of which being its ability to stream live sports content. […]

How To Make Fleece Pants

Now that the weather is cooling off I thought Id post these sweatpants I made for Elliot from my Moon Pants sewing pattern. I added a drawstring (theres a quick how-to at the end of this post) and made them out of some Birch fleece solid in shroom, which is a nice thick knit with a small amount of stretch. […]

How To Make Glitter Lotion

I know glitter nail polish is a pain to remove but I love how it looks and it is also fun to make. Here’s how: Add some glitter to your favourite shades. Sometimes, I like to add a glittery touch to my favourite nail polish shades. I start by applying the polish (you can choose any shade you want, even a transparent one) to my nails and, while it is still wet, I add the glitter with a small […]

How To Make Creative Name Badges

Even though they are often ridiculed, employee name badges are one of the best ways to "break the ice." If accurately used, these badges can save people from the embarrassment and discomfort of forgetting names. […]

How To Say Pretty In Different Languages

Choose a language to translate "beautiful eyes" France; Germany; Italy; Japan; Spain; Vietnam; Top Topics. A; B; C; D; E; F; G; H; I; J; K; L; M; N; O; P; Q; R; S; T […]

How To Make A Fake Mushroom offers 175 fake mushroom products. About 22% of these are artificial crafts, 21% are other gifts & crafts, and 3% are christmas decoration supplies. A wide variety of fake mushroom options are available to you, such as free samples, paid samples. […]

How To Make Small Gifts

Ill admit it, Im one of those people who feels the need to have a gift, no matter how small, for everyone. Students, classmates, neighbors, garbage collectors, bus drivers: you get a gift, you get a gift, you get a gift!These reindeer candy canes are my go-to gift project. […]

How To Make Play Doh Slime Stretchy

That is related to How To Make Slime With Play Doh. An animation is defined like an visual shift in a scene related to time. The visual shift in the scene is not only associated with the shift in the positioning of this object, but additionally having its contour, color, transparency, texture and structure. […]

How To Reference Lines In A Play Mla

Footnotes and Endnotes. MLA Footnotes and Endnotes are used to give credit to sources of any material borrowed, summarized or paraphrased. They are intended to refer readers to the exact pages of the works listed in the Works Cited, References, or Bibliography section. […]

How To Make A Dress Casual For School

Some job interviews allow casual dress, though you should keep it neat and clean. For men, this means a dress shirt and khakis. For men, this means a dress shirt and khakis. Women ought to wear […]

How To Play A Casiotone 701

The keyboard plays the notes automatically, and illuminates LEDs above each key to teach the user how to play the song. The keyboard has 49 keys, 12 preset tones and 12 auto-rhythms. […]

How To Make Birthday Cake At Home In Tamil

The tradition of the birthday cake dates back to the Ancient Romans. No celebration is complete without the sweet stuff.In olden days, fried bread was served as a cake-like dessert.A beautiful, home-made birthday cake is the best way to make your loved … […]

How To Make A Magnetic Motor At Home

Hold a magnet over the top of the motor while it is running. As you move the magnet closer to the spinning coil, one of two things will happen. Either the motor will stop, or it will run faster. Which of these happens will depend on which pole of the magnet you have facing the coil. Make sure you hold the motor down so the magnets will not jump together and crush the little motor! There is […]

How To Make Hot And Spicy Chicken Breast

Place chicken breasts in a bowl and rub well with spice mixture. Cover and refrigerate 1 to 2 hours. Remove chicken from fridge while you heat the grill. Cover and refrigerate 1 to 2 hours. Remove chicken … […]

How To Make 270 Carbs Meal

Mass-Gaining Tips From A 270-Pound Monster that a meticulous nutritional approachin which you weigh every morsel and count every calorieisn't necessary to make substantial progress. Instead, he sums up his plan in four words"Eat heavy, lift heavy"and breaks it down into six rules. Rule 1: Build Your Meal Plan Around Your Schedule. Setting structural steel in place on commercial […]

How To Make A M&

M&M's Candy. Over four hundred million M&M's chocolate candies are produced each day. The M&M's chocolate candy is a pellet (small mass) of chocolate encased in a colorful, hard, sugary shell. […]

How To Make Fake Teeth Look Real

Imported from Switzerland, the innovative Geneva 2000® Dentures look like the real deal. The porcelain denture teeth have a natural, lifelike appearance because each tooth is individually hand […]

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