How To Prepare Pbs For Cell Culture

IMPORTANT: Please refer to the APPLICATIONS section on the front page of product datasheet or product webpage to determine if this product is validated and approved for use on cultured cell lines (IF-IC), paraffin-embedded samples (IF-P), or frozen tissue sections (IF-F). […]

How To Make Masturbation The Best Without Lubricat

Many flavored lubes include sugars for flavoring, so make sure your scented or flavored lube has a body-safe sweetening ingredient such as aspartame or stevia. ( Sliquid Swirl Flavored Lube in […]

How To Raise Ph In Tank

1/05/2011 · It will raise PH but more important to keep in mind is that will will substantially raise your alkalinity. Depending on how much you add you would OD your tank very quickly. […]

How To Make Injuries Heal Faster

3/12/2016 · How To Heal Wounds Faster Top 10 Naturally Healing Foods After Injury, Surgery, or Wound to Heal Wound Faster and Quickly. Here are our top 10 list Eating the Right foods after - Surgery - Wound […]

How To Make A Cheap Easy Bed Frame

From the thousand photos on the internet concerning Bed Frames Cheap, we all selects the very best choices along with ideal resolution exclusively for you, and this photos is actually among graphics choices in this greatest graphics gallery concerning Bed Frames Cheap. […]

How To Make A Paper Circle

Thing that you can trace and make a circle. Writing implement. Step 1: Math & Preparation. The first step in creating a paper medallion is deciding what diameter you want. This particular tutorial creates a rosette that is 6 inches across. In order to get 6 inches each pleated strip of paper needs to be half that size (Just go with me here it will make more sense in a minute). I used the ruler […]

How To Make A Fake Id Victoria

There are over 100 fake id sites on the net ours is the only one based in Australia. Around 80% of them are scammers that wont ship a product out. The nature of Australian consumer protection means any websites operating out of Australia that scam buyers get shut down very quickly by […]

How To Make A Dry Cell Battery

1/12/2018 A battery is a device that creates electrical energy by means of chemical reactions. There are two types of batteries: wet cell and dry cell. A wet cell battery operates by means of a liquid electrolyte solution, while in a dry cell battery the solution is in the form of a paste. […]

How To Make A Map Key In Microsoft Word

From now on, if I press Ctrl-Alt-S in a Google search, or in Microsoft Word, or indeed any other program or web site, my chosen text gets inserted. Clavier+ is a […]

How To Make Marijuana Tincture With Alcohol

Cannabis tincture is one of the greatest ways of consuming weed. Many marijuana smokers are still not familiar with THC tincture and THC pills, but it is nothing new at this point. You can make tincture right now using any alcohol you have. Yes, alcohol, it is not a mistake. The combination of […]

How To Put Pictures Under Epoxy

How Put Lights Under Cabinets - Uk Online Lights Standing In A Paint Restaurant Free Islands Stickers For Furniture Kitchen Island Modern Can Carts Glass Distressed Pendant Outdoor Appliances Double Flooring Black Ideas Tiles And National Healthy Floors Floor Design Tile Wall You Bellini Lighting Oval. Cabinet Handles Kitchen. Tall […]

How To Make A Sky Balloon

Winds determine a balloon's direction. balloonists can steer a balloon, to a limited extent, by adjusting the balloon's altitude to make use of different wind speeds and directions. Below is a chart of the winds aloft derived from doppler radar soundings. some general observations that hold true until you would really like to count on them: Generally surface winds are lighter. […]

How To Make Lip Balm Without Petroleum Jelly

Local drug stores offer lip balms that will heal Chapped lips have many causes including exposure to the harsh cold and winds of winter and dehydration. An inexpensive, safe alternative is to use glycerin and Vaseline, or petroleum jelly, to make your own lip balm. […]

How To Make Venison Pate

Make your own amazing Venison Liver Pate. Homemade venison liver pate is a delicious treat! Spread it on toast or crusty bread, or use veggie sticks for dipping. […]

How To Make Basic Gravy

Very few ingredients are needed, but a basic understanding of how the science of thickening agents work will make you a pro. This simple guide will teach you how to make gravy in easy … […]

How To Make Pizza Dough With Flour And Water

Place the flour and 500-millitres (2 cups) of the water in a mixer fitted with a dough hook attachment. Begin mixing on a low speed and keep mixing until the flour has absorbed all the water but is still not smooth. This should take only 3 to 4 minutes. Stop the mixer and let the dough rest in […]

How To Teach A One Year Old To Read

The issue of when to teach children to read is a hotly debated one. Increasing numbers of parents are teaching reading early, and increasing numbers of children are learning to read as preschoolers. Yet, there is no shortage of parents, educators and developmentalists opposed to this phenomenon. Some believe that early reading harms children, while others think children are cognitively not […]

How To Make Korean Pickle

16/07/2017 How to Pickle Daikon Roots. The daikon, which rhymes with bacon, is also known as the Japanese or Chinese radish, or even as the winter radish. The roots can be pickled for eating, as follows. Hang the roots up. Leave them to wilt for two... […]

How To Make Beautiful Girl Fall In Love With You

Love is not a game, you cant make someone fall in love with you cos you dont have the power to control the feelings and we cant force ourself to love someone it would only worsen the situation. Love comes naturally, it is a feeling that can not be found but it finds us when we less expected..but we can as well try to make someone fall in love with us.* […]

How To Prepare Sakinalu In Telugu

2/03/2017 appsc competitive exams coaching telugu, group 1 group 2 vro vra , panchayat secretary, group 4 , telugu exams coaching, telugu education, free competitive exam coaching,how to prepare competitive […]

How To Make Eyeshadow Into Paint

"Greatest Eyeshadow Tutorials - Almond Formed Eyes - Easy Step by Step The way to Make Eyeshadow - Cool Make-up Tips and Eye Make-up Tutorial with Directions - Fast Methods to Make Smoky Eye," "Step by Step Smokey Eye Tutorials - Nude and Black Smokey Eye - Step by Step Tutorials on How to Apply Different Eyeshadows for Smokey Eyes - Awesome Looks for Brown, Black, and … […]

How To Make Boobs Grow Bigger Naturally

If you are wondering how to get bigger boobs in a week, you will definitely want to read on. However, keep in mind that our bodies are not all the same, so the results to these different techniques will vary. […]

How To Make Garland From Fresh Greenery

Here you will find a variety of beautiful, fresh garlands created with real foliage for wedding ceremony and reception decoration. You can also browse our collection of fresh cut-greenery, mosses, wreaths and other DIY decoration. […]

How To Write Text In Screen Play

24/07/2016 · In this beginner Windows PowerShell (similar to command prompt .bat scripts) tutorial we go over how to read from and write to text files using just a .ps1 script. […]

How To Make A Melted Crayon Art

This not-so-haunted pumpkin melted crayon art craft is super easy and really fun for all ages! Its a creative twist on the average jack-o-lantern and the painted pumpkin. […]

How To Make My Cell Number Private

When asked my telephone number etc. on any form, I list no cell phone. I have never listed my cell phone in all the years that I have had it. Who sells your numbers? I have never listed my cell […]

How To Play Gta 5 Story Mode

Director Mode is a gameplay mode introduced in the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V with the Rockstar Editor, and later added to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 with the Freemode Events Update, on 15 September, 2015. The mode is accessible from … […]

How To Put Your Iphone Screen On Your Macbook

5/01/2019 To switch from iCloud Photo Library to iTunes, disable iCloud Photo Library on your iPhone: Open Settings, tap your Apple ID, tap iCloud, then Photos and slide "iTunes Photo Library" to the "Off" (white) position. If prompted, follow the on-screen instructions to download your […]

How To Open Hsa Account

HSA Bank has many of the features common with modern HSAs such as online access and a mobile app. Medical expenses can be paid from your HSA account … […]

How To Make A Snub Cuboctahedron

I've used links to because they are the most useful to me, with formulae and rotatable images. I'm planning to update this page with shapes that will soon be added. […]

How To Make Your Eyes Red In Seconds

It does make you have a runny nose after. your eyes will get a little red but the redness usually goes away by the next day. When I first began using honey drops in my eyes they were a little sensitive and the redness lasted for about a day and a half. (I waited a few days before using it again) It doesnt feel sticky it’s basically liquid honey eyedrops. I did this for a month and my eyes […]

How To Make Hho Kit For Bike At Home Pdf

An electric bike normally comprises 4 key components: We mostly sell hub motor conversion kits where the motor is built inside the bike wheel and the axle of the motor is secured in the bicycle dropouts. The axle is fixed to the bicycle fork and then when you provide power to the motor the "rotor" part of the motor spins, which then spins the bicycle wheel itself. The motor controller delivers […]

How To Put Ascii Art In Java

I want to use C++, Lua, or Java to make 2D or 3D games but I don't know how to put in advanced graphics and game art. […]

How To Move In Sex

23/07/2018 · The 29 Steamiest Movie Sex Scenes of All Time. Love It. Favorite It Now. Gifts For Women 103 Gifts Your Best Friend Will Obsess Over in 2018 New Year The Dating Mistakes to Avoid in … […]

How To Make Rein Chains

18/06/2017 · How to Make a Chain Mail Bracelet. For the beginner chain mail enthusiast, this is an ideal project for producing an elegant bracelet. The project level is easy and it uses the most basic pattern, European 4 in 1. After making … […]

How To Make A Drawstring Bag By Hand

Sew around sides and bottom from marker to marker. Repeat for the 2 lining pieces, but leave a 2″ gap in the bottom edge. Repeat for the 2 lining pieces, but leave a 2″ gap in the bottom edge. 6. […]

How To Make Text Boxes On Cmd Prompt

Creates a single-line text object. Find You can use single-line text to create one or more lines of text, where each text line is an independent object that you can move, format, or otherwise modify. Right-click in the text box to select options on the shortcut menu […]

How To Play On A Private Insurgency

Hi i Developed Android App for Private company i wish to deploy it in playstore.But allow only an authorized persons to download the app rather than all users.Thanks in advance […]

How To Make Fake Poop Prank

21/03/2009 make fake poop out of peanut butter and cooking malasus. both are edible so feel free to eat some, (it tastes very bad though)! […]

How To Make Mango Puree

Add mango puree, pieces, cream and vanilla. Mix well and transfer on to a container with a tight lid. Mix well and transfer on to a container with a tight lid. 5. […]

How To Not Pay Stamp Duty

You'll pay zero stamp duty on the first £300,000 of any home costing up to £500,000 (and only 5% on any proportion between £300k and £500k). This means the new stamp duty … […]

How To Make Fried Rice Step By Step

How to make Vegetable Fried Rice Recipe (Step by Step Photos): or Jump to Recipe. 1) First cook the rice by following this method. Use oil instead of ghee while making it for fried rice. Approximately ? cup of raw rice will give you 3 cups of cooked rice. Let the rice cool down a little bit.Fluff up the rice and make sure that there are no lumps of cooked rice […]

Terraria How To Make Cursor Bigger

This is a list of Known Bugs And Glitches currently in-game. If you find a bug, please list it below to allow others to see. These bugs cause you to be able to clone items. Keep in mind that... If you find a bug, please list it below to allow others to see. […]

How To Say Holiday In Japanese

It's really not. This is the gesture for "siblings" (?? or "kyoudai") in Japanese Sign Language. Just like with spoken languages, sign language has evolved differently in different countries […]

How To Play Bluray On Windows 10 Pc

With Leawo Blu-ray Player, HD movie enjoyment on Windows 8 would be greatly improved. - Techspot, 6/20/2013 This is an aesthetically cool Blu-ray media player with an unassuming but great interface that works. […]

How To Make Christmas Things On Little Alchemy

If you know of a basic item in life, try to think of the two things that make it up. Whats on a beach? Water and sand, and thats how youll make a beach in Little Alchemy. Some of the Little Alchemy cheats may be tougher than you think to make something like Life, an essential building block of the game, youll need to make a few other Little Alchemy combos first. Check out our […]

How To Make Digital Painting

Take your digital painting and illustration skills to the next level with this curated Photoshop learning path. Learn new digital painting techniques in photoshop. Learn new digital painting … […]

How To Say Watermelon In Chinese

The watermelon is ripe when there is little contrast between the stripes. Look at the color on the bottom. A green watermelon will have a white bottom; a ripe melon will have a cream- or yellow-colored bottom. […]

How To Play Torrented Games On Ps4

Having the ability to use my PS4 would have ensured continued play for many more years to come. Instead, it looks as though Sony is seeing PS2 emulation as a way to sell more (old) games. […]

How To Play Quarters Drinking Game

6/06/2010 · Drinking Games Tuesday, June 22, 2010 . LCR Left, Right, Center is a game that my family started playing a while ago after they were introduced to it on one New Years Eve. Every person puts in three dollars you will also need three dice you can actually get dice that have an L, C, R on them along with a dot if you cannot find these you can make certain numbers the letters such as 6 is L, 5 … […]

How To Make A Balloon Elephant

Make sure you keep a good grip on the end of the balloon, and there is your knot. (1) To start your elephant, inflate the balloon leaving a 5 or 6 inch tail. Tie a knot at the end. […]

How To Play Acoustic Guitar Chords For Beginners

Laminate is a great option for a beginner guitar. Tonewoods. The importance of wood in the build of an acoustic guitar needs no introduction, but we must stress how important the type of tonewood is to the quality of a guitar’s tone. Tonewoods are used for the body, top, neck and fretboard. Each part has implications on overall tone. Here is a list of the most widely used tonewoods and their […]

How To Put Etsy Shop On Vacation

In order to temporarily close their shops, Etsy sellers will put their storefronts in “vacation mode.” Shoppers can still view the shop items in a variety of ways, but will not be able to make […]

How To Make A Private Game In Csgo Unlimited Time

• Steam Items - Want to use Skins or CS:GO keys? That's fine, you can make a trade here using the form on the right. Your trade will not be accepted until we're about to send your copy; so you can change your mind if you need to. […]

How To Make A Girl Sad

How do I make my girl happy when she`s sad? How to make my girl happy when she`s sad Comment. Reply. Report. This discussion closely relates to: Ways to make happy by chat the girl. 4 pics one word: money, girl with measure thing around her waist , thing to weight and a puzzel i think? Level 308 shows a girl with funny glasses, a boy making a funny face, a girl making a funny face, and a girl […]

How To Make A Movie With Pictures And Video Clips

You can take a picture of an individual frame from an imported video clip in Windows Movie Maker and then use that picture in your movie as a still picture. Pictures that you take from video clips in Windows Movie Maker are automatically saved as JPEG files, with a .jpg file name extension. 1. In the Contents pane, click the video clip that you want to take a picture from. 2. Under the monitor […]

How To Make A Smoker Out Of A Propane Tank

Description: THE shop BBQ made and designed for burger burn fridays. Equpied with coal dump door, turn style air vent plexy glass/ diamond plate tray, hexagon style pit, and half in. plate base, good for burgers a few stakes or a couple racks of ribs. […]

Gta Sa How To Play Music

gta sa pc - in game music format ? After I play some games,like fifa gta sa etc my keys like w p k l etc got stuck bit other work fine but not everyone solved I want to game on a 1680x1050 monitor […]

How To Put Together A Cute Outfit For Summer

For a casual dinner, you can wear casual resort wear such as a summer dress, relaxed pants, and a top or dark jeans and a nice top. It’s the type of thing you would wear to your local neighborhood restaurant for dinner. You may like a sweater if you go sleeveless. Sometimes it is chilly with the air … […]

Year 8 How To To Say Hi To A Girl

Let's see if we can find 101 ways to say hi I'll start: 1. Hi 2. Hello Random 43 replies. Click here to write a response... over a year ago kkluvbr said… Ni hao (chines) what up hey over a year ago ppgcowgirl said… 6. Hola (Spanish) last edited over a year ago. over a year ago r-pattz said… 7. 'Sup bitch. ;) last edited over a year ago. over a year ago katara529 said… 8. Yo 9. Kon […]

How To Read Messages On Zoosk Without Paying

Ways to read zoosk messages without paying. Can non paid zoosk members read my messages that im sending them... i am paid for? How do i send and read my messages on without upgrading or paying to be a gold member? Read zoosk messages without paying. How can i read the blocked messages on without beeing a paid member? I am a paying member of zoosk … […]

How To Make A Glitter Toilet Seat

At Tavistock, our approach is simple. To offer you a one stop shop for all your bathroom needs. Functional, stylish and backed with excellent guarantees, our products will help you create the perfect relaxing sanctuary in which to start or finish your day. […]

How To Make Alencon Lace

Please call for an appointment 631-543-6898. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 12pm- 8pm Tuesdays Closed Closed 12/24 and 12/31/2018 . Friday 12pm-6pm. Saturday 10am-5pm […]

How To Play Crazyhouse Chess

CRAZYHOUSE Chess #1: Bullet Arena! Hey John, can you explain why you like the french defense for crazyhouse? You don't seem to play it in your normal repertoire. I like it even for OTB chess though. It doesn't fit in your style I guess? Etop Owertwon . YES! Please do more crazyhouse with longer time control. This variant is awesome and very entertaining to watch . Rick Cozart . I always […]

How To Open A Nonprofit Restaurant

Starting a nonprofit organization can be an inspiring way to give back to your community and help those in need. However, it is important to understand all of the steps involved in … […]

How To Move Viewmodel To The Right Csgo

There are many different ways to manipulate the model view in SolidWorks. This blog post will attempt to put most (all?) of the methods into one document This blog post will attempt to put most (all?) of the methods into one document […]

How To Make Tissue Paper Flowers For Bulletin Board

11/02/2008 Make your flower bloom by gently separating the sheets of tissue paper and fluffing them out. After you've made several flowers, arrange them in a vase and make them the centerpiece for dinner […]

How To Make French Fries Video

French fries might just be one of the most kid-friendly foods you can serve: The pickiest of eaters typically love them, and they're just as appealing to the kid inside most grownups. […]

How To Put Curtains On A Bookshelf String

If you have a bookshelf, put your Harry Potter books on top, so people know you treasure them (You can also put the movies too.). Display your Harry Potter books and movies. It … […]

How To Open Command Prompt Windows 7

3/09/2010 · This will only do this for the very first time you try to open a elevated command prompt in Windows 7. If you are in a standard account , then you will need to type in the administrator's password to elevate the command prompt. […]

How To Make My Grandparents Happy

Happy Grandparents Day. Dont let National Grandparents Day go by without celebrating the special grandparents you have in your life! We have a variety of gifts and activities that you can share with your grandparents as a form of love and appreciation. […]

How To Open Warehouse In India

Opening stores is a good strategy to boost the Apple brand and experience in India, although it may be that the stores are tricky to open and end up making operating losses for a while. […]

How To Make A Picture Round In Css

I want to make a centered circular image from rectangle photo. The photo's dimensions is unknown. Usually it's a rectangle form. I've tried a lot of methods: CSS: .image-cropper { max-width: The photo's dimensions is unknown. […]

How To Make Easy Flower

To keep your real flower crown fresh for a longer duration, refrigerate it for a couple of hours. If you are making a floral crown out of artificial flowers, make sure to choose a […]

How To Host A Color Run

UTICA — With the onset of fall, color is in the air, literally. Trinity Lutheran Church will be hosting a color run at 10 a.m. Oct. 6 at the church and throughout the neighborhood surrounding it. […]

How To Play Jailhouse Rock Piano

Jailhouse Rock Chords by The Animals Learn to play guitar by chord and tabs and use our crd diagrams, transpose the key and more. […]

How To Make Your Own Shamrock Shake

Alternatively, you can get your hands on some soft-serve ice-cream for your shake. Step Two: Mix Scoop some ice-cream into a blender, pour in the milk so […]

How To Put On Cubby House Roof

Why not add this DIY bungalow style pallet cubby house / playhouse to your outdoor which is all free to build, fantastic to look at and is also friendly for kids playing! The architecture is all inspired of a bungalow and hence the building contains different mini rooms merged together and each comes with a chevron roof just for an instant bungalow vibe! […]

How To Play My Lighthouse On Guitar

Play and Listen to do this properly youll need to tune to eacgbe learn to play the acoustic guitar part for my lighthouse by rend collective in this tutorial lesson from worship My Lighthouse - Rend Collective // Acoustic Tutorial Mp3 […]

How To Make Mixed Vegetables Taste Better

You don't want to use so much salt that they taste salty, but a bit will make the vegetables taste better. Half a teaspoon to a teaspoon of salt per quart (liter) of water will do the trick. Half a teaspoon to a teaspoon of salt per quart (liter) of water will do the trick. […]

How To Prepare For Foot Surgery

Return to work. This depends on the type of work you do and the operation you have had. Most people need six weeks off work. After two weeks, if you have an office job and can be seated with the foot elevated you may feel able to return for short days. […]

How To Make Filipino Pork Adobo

10/02/2013 · The Filipino adobo is a cooking process or technique where meat, seafood or indigenous vegetables are braised in a mixture of soy sauce and vinegar along with aromatics such as garlic, onions, peppercorns, and bay leaves. […]

How To Open Ppt 97-2003 File

3/02/2011 · Under the “Save presentations” section, select PowerPoint Presentation 97 – 2003 from the Save files in this format drop down list. Click OK button. PowerPoint 2007 and PowerPoint 2010 will now automatically use .PPT file type on “Save As” dialog box when user attempts to save a … […]

How To Make Another Object Activate A Button In Portal

8/01/2018 · Title. OnObjectEnter script trigger for Popover Button. Post. The FileMaker Pro 14 Help states that for the OnObjectEnter script trigger: • Clicking a button, a popover button, or a panel control does not activate this trigger on the button or tab. Pressing Tab to navigate to a button or tab and make it the active object does activate this […]

How To Make Your Ssd Your Boot Drive New Pc

Once its finished you'll need to remove your old hard drive and plug the new SSD in. Now, you'll have to make sure the USB hard drive with the copy of your Windows OS is plugged in to the back of the PC… […]

How To Make Cupcakes Without Eggs And Milk

I had a bit of coconut milk leftover from another recipe and even though you don’t actually need coconut milk for these cupcakes, I was inspired to make something coconut-y. […]

Long Island Iced Tea How To Make Strong And Tasty

11/05/2017 Today I'll be showing you how to make one of the most popular drinks amongst students, the Long Island Iced Tea. It's really tasty and very alcoholic so PLEASE DRINK RESPONSIBLY. […]

How To Make Red Out Of Food Coloring

This is not the first time your food coloring has taken on a suicide mission, and it probably will not be the last. Your floor now has a nice tinge of red from your food coloring spill. Someone... Your floor now has a nice tinge of red from your food coloring spill. […]

How To Play Rising Dotrm 2

About Rising Storm 2 Vietnam. The gameplay of the title developed by Tripwire Interactive and Antimatter Games is in line with the introduction into a classic First Person Shooter PvP in which players will be divided into teams to tackle in various modes designed for 64-person match or the most classic skirmishes 6v6. […]

How To Make Sp Licence In Adelaide Sa

For the owner/operator or driver, membership of the CVA demonstrates recognition of commitment and professionalism to the hire car industry and, to the hiring public it is a guarantee of safe, professional service with security of their booking. […]

How To Make A Peg Bag Youtube

Worsted weight and size 5.5 mm hook. Work in rounds and use a marker to keep track of rounds I made this in 2 sections, top and skirt. This makes it is easy to also crochet the … […]

How To Make Mexican Pepitas

Pepita Mexican Chocolate Cake Posted on November 4, 2015 February 1, 2016 My kitchen has been overflowing with pepitas – a.k.a. pumpkin seeds – for the past few weeks and I’ve enjoyed experimenting with new ways to enjoy these tasty seeds. […]

How To Make A Yeti Costume

30/10/2011 · Sunday, October 30, 2011. Behold, the homemade Yeti Halloween costume in its entirety! You'll notice it's a bit of an un-costume (yes, I am aware of all the issues related to women's objectifying Halloween costumes. […]

How To Run Away Without Your Parents Knowing

You’ll have a lot on your mind, and disappearing takes discipline. You’ll walk a tightrope without a net, and you can’t ever lower your guard. Keep this page somewhere safe to use as a checklist in case shit ever hits the fan, and you have to disappear completely and start a new life… Remain Calm… A clear mind is always better than a cluttered one. Think about how your house is […]

How To Make A Good Acronym

Looking for online definition of Make-Good or what Make-Good stands for? Make-Good is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronyms Make-Good is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronyms […]

How To Make A Kayak Cockpit Cover

Seals Neoprene Kayak Cockpit Cover Just in case things get a little choppy out on the sea, this neoprene spray skirt will keep your boat from filling up with water. It’s made from a durable, 3.5 mm high-performance neoprene with a stitched bungee attachment on the rim that allows it to make … […]

How To Make An Aimbot

Aim definition, to position or direct (a firearm, ball, arrow, rocket, etc.) so that, on firing or release, the discharged projectile will hit a target or travel along a certain path. See more. […]

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