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Frequently Asked Questions:

What does IMGuest “Check-in” mean?

When you press the “check-in” button, you become a virtual hotel guest. You inform your facebook friends, twitter followers and other IMguest users in what hotel you are staying. You don’t have to physically stay in the hotel and you don’t owe anything to the hotel.

What is the difference between hotel guest and any other user?

By "Check-ing" to a hotel and becoming a guest you can:

How can I "Check-in" on IMGuest?

After signing up, you can use the search engine on the upper right side by searching a hotel name, city and country. You can also search only by city or country.

Can I “Check-in” to any hotel in the world?

Yes. There is no geographical limit. You can check in to any hotel in the world, but you can “Check-in” only to one hotel at a time. By checking in to another hotel you will be automatically checked out from your previous hotel.

What is a “Personal Message”?

Any guest, who checked-in to any hotel, can contact other guests by sending them a personal message. You must check-in to a hotel in order send a personal message, but you don’t have to check in to the same hotel the other guest checked-in to. This message is being sent directly to the guest’s email showing your email address to start a real interaction and perhaps setup a face to face meeting.

What is the “Purpose” section?

Whether the purpose of your stay is business or vacation, please share it with others when you check-in to a hotel. Business purpose can be as part of participating in a conference or attending business meetings, presentations, networking, cooperation, etc. Vacation purpose can be as part of a family vacation which you are looking for spending time with like-minded people that share this same purpose. It’s very important to share your purpose with other guests so they will know what you’re looking to do in your spare time. A good explanation of your purpose increases the opportunity of making a connection and getting the best from your stay.

Why can't I receive emails from IMGuest or from other hotel guests?

Please check your spam/junk mail folder to see if our notification emails are being filtered. If so, you can avoid it by adding the filtered email address to your contact list.

What does a “Favorite Guest” mean?

You can “mark” interesting guests by adding them to your favorite list (You don’t need their permission to do that). “Add to favorite” option makes it easier to follow your guests and receive email notifications on their activities to connect and stay in touch with them on your future stayings.

How can I check out someone’s profile without letting him/her know?

We urge our users to make real connections. Therefore we allow anyone who uses our platform know who checked out his/her profile and perhaps make a connection.

How do I delete my account on IMGuest?

We’re sorry to see you go, please email us with your name and email at

For Further Information:

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us.